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Thank you for expressing your interest in advertising on Our ads reach a targeted audience that across grain marketing in Africa covering farmers and off-takers.

Zowasel is Africa’s grain marketplace creating access to market for local farmers. The startup is fundamentally changing grain trading for the better by eliminating middlemen.

Prohibited Ad Policy 

All advertisers must provide instructions within their privacy policy for how to opt-out of any future unsolicited promotional communication – e-mail or otherwise.

Advertisement must have a border or otherwise be clearly distinguished from the web property on which it is displayed. For example, white ads must have a border when displayed on a white background.

Pop-up and pop-under ads are prohibited and cannot be used as part of an ad's destination/landing page on any web properties. Expanding, floating and any other ad format, which minimizes, covers, or otherwise inhibits the full display of any web properties, are prohibited.

Contain profane, libelous, or obscene text or images. Contain any adult and/or borderline adult content (images or text), whether indirectly or directly promoted. Promote gambling, where the user will play for money or property; promote products or services from uncertified pharmacies are prohibited

Promote or facilitate defamatory or illegal activities; creative promoting political agendas are prohibited. Creative containing spiritual or religious content, containing sex-related content are strictly prohibited. Creative promoting sites and services that compete with the web properties or services are strictly prohibited. Promoting products that are illegal in one or more Nigeria jurisdiction are prohibited but subject to pre-approval. Creative material that resembles the visual style of the content or design of the web property on which it is displayed is prohibited.

This includes, but is not limited to using the colors, marks, fonts, icons or other design elements explicitly associated with a web property. Final approval of all creative material is at the sole discretion of In addition, reserves the right to re-evaluate previously approved creative materials at any time to ensure ongoing compliance with our guidelines and provide an optimal user experience.

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