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We understand that the overall quality of crops is affected by several factors such as growing practices, time and type of harvesting, post-harvest handling, storage management, and transportation practices, etc. 

We work closely with farmers throughout the entire growing season. Our support starts from seed selection to grain harvesting. We work to produce high-quality food that is sustainably grown. 

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We characterized crop quality into intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors 

​The intrinsic factors of crop include color, composition, bulk density, odor, aroma, size, and shape. While the extrinsic factors include age, broken grain, immature grain, foreign matter, infected grain, and moisture content.

To enable higher levels of confidence, we have excellent processes in place that verify data captured during the growing season before transmitting to buyers.

We provide buyers with the opportunity to contract their sourcing of high quality-tested crops with specific characteristics, and/or farm management practices through the Zowasel Certification program.

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