What is Zowasel.com?

Zowasel.com is the largest deals aggregating platform in Nigeria; and it simply helps consumers save millions of Naira via deals and coupons across a wide variety of products and retailers. 

We offer unique purchasing tools and tips to grab best deals, cash saving guides, product reviews, coupons, discount alerts on any item of choice.

Is Zowasel.com an online store? 

We provide a service for (merchants) online stores to list their discounted products and services for sale on our website. If you want to get the deal, click on the "Buy"button.

Do I get charged to use Zowasel.com?

No, Zowasel.com is 100% free for buyers. Merchants who list products on Zowasel pay us a commission based on the category of the product or service, and may pay fees for enhanced placement or other promotional opportunities on our sites, such as premium marketing messages.

I need help with a deal I purchased. Can Zowasel.com help me?
Send a mail to support@zowasel.com or call +234 (01) 342 4403

How do I get deals on Zowasel.com?

Simply enter the product or service you are looking for in the search box and hit enter button. A list of products and services will then be presented. You can also browse through our listings by category.

What is the Zowasel Experience? 

Zowasel Experience simply helps you track down top deals and coupons to save millions of Naira seamlessly.

How do I check the status of my order? 

Zowasel.com does not sell any product or service to users. We provide a service for online and offline stores to list their products and services for sale. If you have a question regarding an order that you havWhy do prices listed on Zowasel.com different from that on the sellers' web site?

We periodically refresh oe placed, please send a mail to support@zowasel.com or call +234 (01) 342 4403

What is "Featured" deals?

Featured Deals are the deals you see right on the Zowasel Deals homepage that our “deal experts” have declared to be best deals of a particular moment! 

How do I disable personalized ads, clear my browsing history, or change my browsing preferences? 

Just click on the "Preferences" link at the bottom of the page to access your search and browsing history preferences.

How do I read or add product ratings and reviews on Zowasel.com?

Find the product you want to review. In the centre of the product page you can read the reviews by clicking on the "Read Review" link rate the product by clicking on one of the "Rate Product" buttons or submit a product review by clicking on the "Write a Review" link.

How do I read or add seller ratings and reviews on Zowasel.com? 

Find the seller on any product page and then click on the "Seller Reviews" link in the "Seller Ratings" column. On the next page to add your own ratings, simply click on the "Write a Review" link.

What is the difference between a product rating and a review? 

Zowasel.com product rating system shows the average of users' star ratings of a product. Product reviews are written reviews composed by our users about a product.

Do sellers ship to and from international locations?

It depends on the particular seller or store. Please search for the product that interests you and then inquire about shipping from any of the sellers or stores.

What kinds of questions can I ask?  Feel free to ask questions about Zowasel deals or coupons, products you’re interested in, stores or websites where you shop, in short, anything you are curious about. All we ask is that you try and ask the question in the interest where its most relevant so that you get the most relevant answer.

How do I need to set up a price alert?

Custom price alerts allow you to add a keyword to your alert list. That way, if a deal is added to Zowasel.com with your keyword in it, you will be alerted immediately. For example, if you add the keyword "laptop" to your list, you will receive an email every time there's a deal with the word "laptop" in it.

We also offer a daily e-mail subscription: To subscribe to "Daily Deals," enter your email at the very bottom of any page, and click Submit. To remove yourself from email subscriptions, click the link: "To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now." at the bottom of your email.

How to remove price alert?

Please click on the "Remove Price Alert" link in the price alert email. If you have an account with Zowasel.com, you can also remove a price alert by logging into your account and clicking "Edit Your Price Alerts".

How do I report a technical problem?

Please send email to support@zowasel.com giving a brief description of the problem. Also include the browser version and operating system on which this problem can be reproduced.

How do I get more information?

Send an email to support@zowasel.com with your question.

What if I forgot my password? 

Happens to the best of us. Just go here and enter the email address that you used to sign up for Zowasel.com

Merchant FAQs 

Why should I add my store to Zowasel.com?

Add your store to generate awareness and drive incremental sales by taping into our community of shoppers looking to save millions of Naira to improve their living standards.

Promote your deals and coupons to enjoy visibility across our site, as well as in our wide-reaching emails. Grow your community fan base, helping to maximize sales and conversions

Who's shopping here?

80% of our users are millennials aged (16-35). The median age of our users is 26. Over 90% of our users tell their friends and loved ones about deals and coupon they find on Zowasel.com.

How do I list my products and services for sale on Zowasel.com?

Go to our Merchant page. You will find more information on how to list your products and or services on Zowasel.com

How long does it take for my products or services to be listed?

The listing of products and services can takes less than a week.

How do I submit a deal? 

Just click the deal button at the top right of any page, and then select "Deals." Next, you'll paste the URL of the product you'd like to post, and then click "Continue". If your deal isn't a duplicate, it will be posted right to "Fresh Deals"! If the deal is a duplicate, a message will pop up, giving you the option to continue, submit a new deal, or edit. If you'd like to update the price, or edit the details of the deal, go for it. Please only select to continue if the deal you're submitting is different from the duplicate deal displayed.

What information should I include when I submit a deal? 

Zowasel.com makes its best attempt to grab all the information about your product that it can, but it's far from perfect. Make sure you give your deal a once over to correct any mistakes and to add any missing information before you submit it. Common mistakes include: missing Naira signs 'N', incomplete or inaccurate titles, missing images, etc.

I just submitted a deal, and its not showing?

If you are a newly registered member, the Zowasel.com team will moderate all of your deal submissions, in order to prevent spam. If you are not a newly registered member and your deals still don't seem to be showing up, you can contact Supprt@zowasel.com

Oops! I messed up ... How do I edit my deal?  

To edit a deal, simply find the deal page and click "Edit," on the right hand side. You can edit most deal information, but only original posters can change/edit deal images.

How does a deal become a "Hot Deal"? Is there anything I can do to get my deal on the front page? -  

There are all kinds of factors used to determine what deals make it to the front page, including the number of saves and clicks a deal receives within a certain period of time, and the number of flags or spam reports associated with it. So when it comes down to it, if you'd like to see your deal on the front page, the best thing you can do is post a really good deal!

How do I report a technical problem?

Please send email to support@zowasel.com giving a brief description of the problem. Also include the browser version and operating system on which this problem can be reproduced.

Can I monitor my click through rates and sales figures?

Once you establish your Zowasel.com account, you will be able to log in and look at your account balance history and daily click information.

What should I do if I am having problems logging in?

Try logging in using the Standard Login. This will typically resolve the issue. If you wish to use the secure login, check that the browser that you are using has high enough "Cipher Strength" (128 bit). 


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