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About us

Simplifying Agribusiness 

A new way to buy and sell grains

Our Story

The idea of starting a company that trades in agricultural commodities came as a result of Jerry’s observation of how difficult it was for his mother to access the market to trade her commodities and access credit to finance her trade. 


Today, the vision has created a robust marketplace for crops that bring verified buyers directly to sellers and fixing the cash-flow problems by paying for the crops 24hrs after delivery rather than the typical 30-90 day waiting period.

Zowasel lets crop sellers expand their agribusiness beyond their local market and sell to the best bidders around the world. Buyers and sellers can register for free, and deals are negotiated and agreed by both parties before shipment based on quality specification.

Our Team

We are a team of supply chain engineers, food scientists, blockchain professionals, agriculturists, financial banking experts, technologists, farmers, sustainability specialists, business strategists, and entrepreneurs united by a passion for transparency and truth in simplifying agribusiness across emerging markets.

Our Vision

Improving growers livelihood

Our Mission

Create market access, crop standardization and working capital for agribusinesses 

Our Impact


  • We connect sellers with a network of premium buyers to earn more 

  • We enable buyers to source for crops effortlessly to save cost and time

  • A network of credit-approved buyers and verified sellers to the table

  • We help sellers reduce wasted time on crop rejections by buyers

  • A free to post Marketplace, with a fraction of the cost of a brokerage

  • Alternative cash flow to help sellers improve the bottom line

  • Sellers ship today and get paid in 24hrs instead waiting for 30-90 days 

  • Transparency to negotiate prices with multiple buyers at a click of a button

Meet Our

Partners & Supporter

We are proud to be associated with these entities 

Interested in joining forces with us to transform agribusinesses in emerging markets.

OuR Technology

We are using technology to decentralized and revolutionize agribusiness in emerging markets 


Artificial Intelligence


Our Blockchain-based solution backed by Thought AI helps to simplify and unlocks improved efficiency, sustainability, and traceability of harvest as well as reducing food wastage and fraud.  Provide transparently and secured end-to-end commodity trading platform by placing transactions on a digital ledger to ensure price transparency. crop quality specification assurance and encrypted recording of relevant data.

We leverage real-time data analytics and automated process to correlate variables such as weather, temperature, digital agronomics, soil conditions to find patterns to improve crop quality, yield. Improve harvest accuracy and in detecting diseases and pests  to help growers with forecasting models, suggests fair pricing, transaction discovery, procurement and transportation tracking along with optimization

We are leveraging Cryptocurrency to help improve access to finance in emerging markets, significantly reduce high transaction fees and to speed up easy wallet-to-wallet payment plus international transfers. While affordable access to agribusiness finance and working capital remains a huge challenge for many growers in developing countries, we are exploring Cell Phones and USSD opportunities for micro-financing and payments

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