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Who are the buyers on Zowasel?

Our buyers consist of vetted and credit-worthy local and international companies such as Grand Cereals, Olam Nigeria, Amo Byng and several others.

We serve buyers ranging from large grain trading organizations and processors to manufacturers. Our buyers eagerly use Zowasel to find crops with distinct specifications to fit their needs.

How do I get paid?

Zowasel enables buyers to pay for commodities through the Marketplace payment system. Once the terms of a transaction are agreed upon, buyers can make full deposits or issue valid purchase orders to initiate a transaction.

However, delivery MUST be made and confirmed by the buyer before payment is released to the seller's account.

How much does Zowasel charge?

It is completely free to sign-up and post your grain on Zowasel Only when a deal is reached is a fee charged. Visit our fee session to learn more

What if there are issues with quality?

We recommend that farmers and sellers proactively get their grain tested and upload the results on Zowasel Marketplace. In fact, we have created Zowasel Certified Crop to provide farmers with access to the top grain testing facilities across partner locations.

However, we can only pay for actual crops received by our buyers after quality checks confirmation, and invoice value received.

Why do Zowasel hold a reserve?

We hold a reserve for a simple reason: we want to protect ourselves in the event that the invoice is not paid in full. There are many reasons why invoices are not paid in full, including: Order errors, Breakage (i.e. not all crops were delivered in good condition), delivery errors and quality errors etc. By not paying for the invoice in full, receivables we protect ourselves. Bear in mind that Zowasel does not keep the reserve forever. We will rebate it, less the financing fee, as soon as the client pays the invoice in full.

What are Zowasel Financing solutions?

We offer invoice factoring or credit line financing that can be used to run your agribusiness against waiting for 30-90 days after delivery of crops to buyer.

What is Zowasel?

Zowasel is an online marketplace for grains. We are fixing the cash-flow problems of agribusinesses by paying for the crops 24hrs after delivery rather than the typical 30-90 day waiting period.

Zowasel lets crop sellers expand their agribusiness beyond their local market and sell to the best bidders around the world. Buyers and sellers can register for free, and deals are negotiated and agreed by both parties before shipment based on quality specification.

What is the difference between Marketplace & Certified Crop

Zowasel Marketplace facilitate the best possible deals by connecting grain sellers and buyers directly with one another. Buyers and sellers can register for free, and deals are negotiated and agreed by both parties before shipment based on quality specification.

Zowasel Certified Crop works closely with farmers network and support partners throughout the entire growing season, from seed selection to farming practices, as well as harvest.

Who are the Zowasel participating financial institutional partners

Sterling Bank Plc. is the Zowasel financial partners in Nigeria. We partner with them to provide agribusiness financing.