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Zowasel Finance for Crop Sellers

Seller receives a purchase order from the buyer for 30-90 days payment terms, the seller issues the purchase order to Zowasel for confirmation from the buyer. Seller ships crops to buyer, then Zowasel issue an invoice due in 30--90 days and requests repayment directly from the buyer. Zowasel advances 50-100% of the invoice amount directly to the seller’s bank account after due diligence on behalf of the buyer. The buyer utilizes crops to scale up production and increase profits. Financing fees accrue until the invoice is paid in full to Zowasel directly by the buyer according to T&C. The buyer pays the full invoice to Zowasel. Zowasel sends the remaining % of the invoice to the seller less accrued fees.

Zowasel Finance for Crop Buyers

Operating credit line financing is tied and payable to only Zowasel vetted registered sellers on the Zowasel platform. When you’re approved for Zowasel Finance, we’ll cover your full supply cycle and give your supply chain the capital it needs throughout the year, by paying your vendors directly so you can demand COD pricing. Buyers are required to have an account domiciled with Zowasel financial partner for this supposed. All interested or targeted crop sellers must be onboarded on the Zowasel platform and also have a valid account with Zowasel financial partner for receiving suppose. Seller ships crops to a buyer and issues an invoice due in 30-90days. Buyer requests Zowasel to honor such invoices. Zowasel advances 50% -100% of the invoice amount to the seller from the buyer's approved operating credit line. The buyer processes crops to support operation and sells the final product. The buyer pays the invoice amount plus accrued fees to Zowasel within stipulated terms and duration.

Posting on Zowasel Marketplace

Zowasel helps facilitate the best possible deals by connecting grain sellers and buyers directly with one another. Posting on Zowasel Marketplace does not lock you into a sale; it simply indicates that you’re interested in negotiating a grain deal.

Posting Wanted Crops on the Zowasel Marketplace:

Grain buyers can quickly fill quotas, especially when local demand is low, by posting their grain bids to the Zowasel Marketplace. Gain an advantage by having a birds-eye view of what sellers in and around your area are looking to sell.

Posting Crops For Sale on the Zowasel Marketplace

Sellers who are looking to sell grain can easily expand their network to hundreds of buyers by posting it for sale on the Zowasel Marketplace. Show what you’re looking for and market your grain on your terms.

Trade with Zowasel credit-approved buyers

Sellers no longer have to be wary of getting paid for the crops they sell. Our buyers are credit-approved to ensure you get paid when the deal goes through – no matter what.

We ensure you retain your negotiating power

Posting and negotiating on Zowasel Marketplace is completely anonymous. Information is exchanged between parties only when a deal is formally agreed upon before we can offer financing support. ​​

You only pay when you make a deal

We only make money when you make money. Posting, negotiating, matching, and searching the marketplace is 100% free. Both grain buyers and sellers know the pain of low local demand or non-existent supply. Zowasel offers flexible fees for your agribusiness to expand to areas in which you haven’t established a network through our exclusive subscription package. Visit to choose a plan today!

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