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How to make a laboratory with help by experts Proper design of laboratory work can increase the average score. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to this point. Title page The full name of the school is written at the top of the page. Closer to the center - "Laboratory work", discipline and topic. After that, the full name of the student, the course of study and the name of the group are indicated on the right edge. At the very bottom - the city and year of execution says writers. Formatting the text of the work The work is done on a sheet of A4 format in Times New Roman font 14 pt. Line spacing - 1.5, top and bottom indent - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm. Page numbering starts from the title page, but the number is not put on it. Each paragraph should have a heading with numbering recommend authors. Goals and tasks It is necessary to indicate the topic of the work, set its goals and objectives. How to do it right, you can find here. Brief theoretical material Here are the laws, formulas and calculations that were used to complete the tasks. The material should be short and clear. Equipment for work The equipment used during the experiment and the actions taken are indicated. Experiment results The results obtained are described here. Do not forget to mark the error in the calculations as a separate item. Analysis of results Analyze the results of the experiment and give your reasons. Conclusion Summing up, showing that the goals of the work have been achieved and the tasks have been completed. These general rules for the design of laboratory work should help you in their implementation. But remember that each department may have its own requirements for the design of laboratory work. You can order laboratory work with the correct design from experts in this subject area! You should check with your instructor.

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