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Trust & Safety

Every customer is vetted and verified to securely trade with a trusted counterparty.

Due Diligence 

We sign contracts and domiciliation from vetted trusted buyers 

Zowasel screened enterprise buyers based on their company formation, payment terms, off-take capacity, and financial records to determine/verify proof of income and payments capacity.


Zowasel signs Fulfillment Agreements with buyers, after which the buyer issues payment domiciliation to join the platform. 


Zowasel verifies every crop seller on the platform using their BVN, NIN, crop quality knowledge, and souring networks to determine/verify proof delivery capacity.

Accountant Records

transaction security

Every customer is verified to securely trade with a trusted counterparty 

We match buyers and sellers of the same commodity. You decide on pricing and terms together, Zowasel enforces smart contracts and ensures that all transactions are shipped and payments are made after delivery without any issues.

To protect customers and ourselves, we follow the normal buyers' payment terms by making payments after delivery.

Image by Austin Distel

Matchmaking and transaction security

OuR Technology

We are leveraging Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to validate and secure our value chains from farm to market. 

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

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