Sell your Crops. Maximize profit. Minimize risk.

Access a wide array of verified and trusted buyers network

A simple, more profitable way to sell Crops

Every member of our Network is verified to securely trade with a trusted counterparty 


Create a profile for your agribusiness and view bids.


Create and post an offer to increase your bids.


Accept bid or propose an alternate price with advice from our experts.


Deliver your crops directly, or arrange a pick-up with Zowasel 


Receive payment directly from Zowasel once commodities are delivered.

Powerful tools to optimize and reduce risk

accept a bid anytime, anywhere

Zowasel's in-platform negotiations allow you to immediately work on a bid without needing pre-existing relationships.


Easily keep track of back and forth discussions with multiple buyers trusted at once.

Negotiate or submit a counter-offer

Zowasel Marketplace is the only platform on the continent that enables you to directly accept a bid from prospective buyers


Looking for a better price or more buyers? Submit an offer to reach the entire network of trusted buyers,

In-Built System Eliminate paperwork

See all your contracts, settlement statements, and delivery details in one place without having to track down spreadsheets or emails.


A built-in task list, track, and notifications make sure you don’t forget about anything important across the supply chain 

Sellers like you are using Marketplace

Thousands of sellers have already signed up and transacted in the platform.

"Finding Zowasel was one of those rare “hallelujah” moments you experience in the agribusiness supply chain.


Simply put, we get more returns for our crops, faster and with ease. We do not need to start chasing off-taking for Purchase Orders anymore"

Mike Adejoh -  Kogi


Buyers are looking for Crops in Marketplace

Every buyer is verified to securely trade with a trusted counterparty 

"This platform has been a lifesaver and we were able to easily adapt it to our supply chain needs.


Purchase order creation and negotiation features are game-changers in how we connect with our vendors from start to finish.

Jide Shonikan - Feed Miller, Lagos ​​


Sellers Frequently asked questions

What is Zowasel Marketplace?

Zowasel is a sustainable crop sourcing platform across communities, people, and the planet. Marketplace connects and match thousands of crop sellers, with leading buyers locally and internationally. We are enabling buyers and sellers of crops to join our Preferred Network to securely trade with a trusted counterparty. Buyers and sellers can post, receive bids, negotiate, match, haul, and get paid at the click of a button directly with one another. You decide on pricing and terms together, Zowasel enforces smart contracts and ensures that all transactions are shipped and payments are made after delivery without any issues.

How are transactions protected on the Marketplace?

Firstly, Zowasel signs fulfillment contracts with every buyer to insure against default and or delay payments, plus payment domilication to our escrow accounts to protect our crop sellers. Secondly, Zowasel does not speculate on commodity prices and hedges risk as soon as it becomes known. This means that price changes, either up or down, have very little impact on our profit and loss. This has the added benefit that Zowasel never takes a position opposite its customers – Zowasel does better when you do better. And lastly, the transactions carried out in Marketplace are subject to industry standard and buyers payment terms are followed – ensuring there are no hidden terms or additional fees.

How much does Marketplace charge?

All selelrs have free access to our basic services which includes working with our grain marketing specialists and using the Marketplace platform to transact with trusted counterparties. You only pay when a connection fee when a deal is sealed. Zowasel plans to offer additional premium products and services such as pricing tools, market reports and traceaability solution for sellers looking to unlock more profitability for their commodities.

How is Zowasel different from other grain marketplaces?

Zowasel Marketplace is the only place that offers end-to-end crop marketing solutions for sellers. You can fully manage your futures, basis setting, transport, contracts, and settlement in one place whether it is through our platform or call to a dedicated grain marketing specialist. Using Zowasel Marketplace saves you time, offers more visibility across your entire commodity marketing process, and gives you more confidence in your decision-making with trusted buyers network

What if I need support using Zowasel Marketplace?

For support using Marketplace, give us a call at (01 342 4403) to speak with our commodity experts or email

What if I don’t see buyer for speciality crops in Marketplace?

We are still building relationships to bring more trusted buyers into Marketplace in some areas. Submit a direct offer with a commodity name and price and our team will reach out to a buyer on your behalf.

What's it about the technology of the platform?

We have designed the most user-friendly platform for buyers and sellers to conenct and transact seamlessly all in one place. One of our goals was to eliminate unnecessary phone calls and time wasted searching for emails. That's why a sellers can accept a bid, negotiate a bid, submit an offer, schedule transport, and view settlement documents all from the platform. We know technology can't fully replace the relationships and expertise that drive grain marketing. That's why every sellers with a Marketplace account has access to our knowledgeable grain marketing specialists to help them make decisions before using the technology to execute. A seller has enough to think about and manage so we've streamlined commodity marketing with every step of a decision and transaction.

What crops are available on Marketplace?

We initially launched Marketplace to support the sale of grains – leveraging our footprint in maize, soya, sorghum, and rice. In the period since Marketplace has been open to sellers and buyers, we’ve already expanded into other crops. We will continue to expand to other crops. We can also support specialty crops outside of the platform such as vetagetables fruits and many more.

Why does Zowasel only pay after delivery?

To protect customers and ourselves, we follow the normal buyers' payment terms by making payments after delivery. Zowasel enforces smart contracts and ensures that all transactions are shipped and payment are made after delivery confirmation without any issues.

Does Zowasel offers Guranteed Payment Collection?

Zowasel signs fulfillment contracts with every buyer to insure against default and or delay payments, plus payment domilication to our escrow accounts to protect our crop sellers. However, we issue Performance Bond as "guaranteed payment Collection insurance" against the buyer's default risk at sellers request. if you choose to take a Performance Bond, verified crop sellers get a 20% discount on the cost, giving you great value and confidence.