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Connect with a network of premium buyers to earn more for your crops, fuel your growth and expand your agribusiness

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Connect with a network of buyers to earn more for your crops



•Create Offer 

•Accept Bid

•Match Offer 

•Accept Payment Terms

•Make Delivery 

•Receive payments

Zowasel Certified Crop

Maximize your premiums by knowing the quality of your crops:



•Provide Grain Sample

•Accept Bid

•Match Offer 

Accept Payment Terms

•Make Delivery

•Receive payments


invoice Factoring

Ship today, get paid in 24 hrs.

Free up your cash flow, focus on what matters most. You don’t have to wait for 30-90 days before receiving payment.


Evidence of meeting specification

Evidence of crop certification 

Countersigned Waybill

Buyer’s invoice after delivery


Credit line

Get the financing you need to be tied to approved buyers.

Cover full supply cycle and giving your supply chain the capital it needs throughout the year.


Evidence of meeting specification

Evidence of crop certification 

Countersigned Waybill

Buyer’s invoice after delivery

List of buyers to be on-boarded

How It Works

Step 1:

signup - FOR FREE

Signup on to create a profile for your agribusiness with a few clicks, to get bids on your grain from a wider range of buyers.

 Post an offer to increase your bids. Accept bid or propose an alternate price. Buyers can accept or propose a counter offer.

Step 2:

accept bid

Accept and match your orders after negotiation as best suited

Step 3:

match orders

Deliver your crop directly, or use add-on service Zowasel Transport for easy on-farm pick-up and delivery.

Step 4:

track delivery

Receive payment directly from Zowasel in 24hrs once the crop is delivered and confirmed by the buyer.

Step 5:

get paid in 24 hours

Benefits For Sellers 

Market Access

Expand your buyer network, connect with  more buyers on a global scale, sell your crops easily and more profitable than ever before


Eliminate the hassle of price negotiations. Now, you can negotiate prices with multiple buyers at once with the click of a button


Save time: Know your quality without additional time and reduce wasted time on rejections


Access our financing solutions such as invoice discounting, credit line, bank guarantee, bulk funds, etc.


Set Your Price

Find the right buyer: Find the most attractive bids from buyers looking for your specific quality.

Better Decisions

Know your field-level quality before harvest to help you make marketing and harvest decisions

Inventory Management

Get access to our inventory management system to seamlessly track and manage your  operations.

Risk Control

Minimize risk: Reduce dockage rates by segregating lower quality grains and knowing quality before hauling to a buyer

Account Manager

Get access to our dedicated Account Manager, unlimited access to procurement support 


Manage logistics in minutes, not hours.

Save time and hassle ringing around, get quotes from approved haulers: