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Farm-to-Factory Traceability

Meet your sustainability goals by influencing your agricultural footprint

Traceability Overview

Track and source sustainably supply chain

We enable crop buyers to monitor and trace crops comprehensively from farm to factory. 

KFC >> Cultivation Practics >> Crop Origin >>Crop Quality Specs >> Warehouse >>> Shipment>> Sustainability >> Recommendation 


  • Reliable data with first-mile traceability

  • Sustainability goals progress tracking

  • Brand credibility & differentiation that meet consumer demands

  • True visibility into food supply sources

  • Confidence in brands & products

  • Choices toward a sustainable future

  • Efficient Supply Chain Visibility from farm to fark 


How does Traceability work?


We consult with you to understand your needs, select the right program to fit your supply chain needs and meet your climate-action and sustainability goals from farm to factory 


We train and coordinate growers to follow your sustainable growing practices to meet your goals, connecting them to your current upstream supply chain and empowering them to improve practices each year through incentive programs.


Using innovative digital twin technology and on the field team of agronomists, we track crop progress, verify practices, and transform data into tangible metrics to showcase program impact.


Finally, we ensure your crop is reliably delivered to the specified delivery point within the specified timeframe.

OuR Technology

We are leveraging Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to seamlessly track and monitor supply chains from farm-to-factory 

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

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