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Zowasel Transport

Zowasel Transportation

We solve your transportation issues

The entire supply chain experiences pain points with the outdated state of transportation. Farmers, sellers, and buyers face inefficient logistics and difficulty finding trucks, while carriers deal with time-consuming and cumbersome processes.

Manage your logistics in minutes, not hours with Zowasel Transport is a technology-enabled platform that creates choice by connecting carriers with shippers to move grain more efficiently. The program enables:

  • Simplicity: Farmers and sellers can opt to leave the hassle of logistics to Zowasel Transport, while carriers experience a seamless and supported way of finding new loads

  • Access: Carriers access demand generated on Zowasel Marketplace, a grain transaction platform where sellers post inventory, while buyers access an expanded pool of drivers to assist with the rapid delivery of their inventory

  • Reliability: Carriers are vetted for the quality of their equipment and services, assuring the reliable transfer of grain so growers and shippers can ship with confidence

  • Grower Profitability: Sellers stand to earn more with the means to transfer grain anywhere and the access to wider geography of buyers in Zowasel Marketplace

Whether you're a carrier looking to expand your business opportunity or a grower or sellers looking to deliver your grain with confidence, connect with a network of readily available third-party carriers to achieve the rapid delivery of your crops to vetted buyers. 


Every carrier has been carefully evaluated for compliance, reliability, and goods in transit insured, ensuring a successful transfer of crops regardless of distance, geography, or season.

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