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We are bringing fintech to agtech


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zowasel marketplace

A new way to buy and sell grains

An online marketplace for grains, fixing the cash-flow problems by paying for the crops 24hrs after delivery rather than the typical 30-90 day waiting period.

Zowasel Marketplace enables buyers and sellers to post, receive bids, negotiate, match, haul, and get paid at the click of a button directly with one another.

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Zowasel Certified Crop

Source sustainably across our Crop Test Centers

Contract your crop sourcing based on your quality specification, characteristics, and/or farm management practices through our digitally-enabled Crop Test Centers strategically located across key farming communities, managed by our local trusted entrepreneurs and partners.


The Zowasel Crop Test Centers come with; digital scale, hand-held moisture meter, screen display dashboard for pricing, and other value-added services, as well crop aggregation, sales of improved inputs, and financial inclusion services to enable us to meet the demand of both crop sellers and buyers. 

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zowasel finance

Financing designed for growers and crop sellers

We accelerate your invoice settlement within 24hrs to ease cash-flow, against the conventional 30-90 days supply chain payment terms.

Our factoring services provide next-day payment for up to 100% of the value of your shipment, to pay expenses, or to purchase crops from our network quickly and reliably. 


We work closely with each grower, crop seller, and individual buyer to accommodate your specific financial needs.

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Zowasel Nutrition  

We save growers time and money on crop inputs

We use the collective demand from our network of growers, to get best-in-market pricing from your network of favorite producers. 


With the help of our proprietary recommendation algorithms, we are able to use the historical purchase data of growers to forecast needs and optimize order processes.


We offer four purchase channels through; Crop4Input, Saving4Input, Cash4Input, and Input4Credit for growers to buy inputs, managing the logistics along the way, and ultimately saving them time and money.

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zowasel Transport

Manage your logistics in minutes, not hours

Connect with a network of readily available third-party carriers to achieve the rapid delivery of your crops to vetted buyers.

Every carrier has been carefully evaluated for compliance, reliability, and goods in transit insured, ensuring a successful transfer of crops regardless of distance, geography, or season.

Sustainable Sourcing

Track your sustainability journey using data-driven automation and field intelligence

Smart Sourcing 

  • Market Intelligence

  • Smart Contract

  • Future Lock

  • Pricing Tool Kid

  • Supply Chain Efficiencies

  • Inventory replenishment

  • Virtual Crop Inspection 

  • Growers Validation 

Smart Cropping 

  • Vegetation Indexes

  • Agronomic Analytics

  • Weather Data Info

  • Notifications & Warnings

  • Inputs Recommendation
    Inventory Management

  • Seasonal Yields Patterns 

  • Predictive Analytics


  • CropTraceability

  • Impact Analysis 

  • Track Footprint

  • Batch/Labeling

  • Diversity & Inclusion 

  • Labour Practices -

  • Forest Protection

  • Health & Safety

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OuR Technology

We are using technology to decentralized and revolutionize agribusiness in emerging markets 


Artificial Intelligence


Our Blockchain-based solution backed by Thought AI helps to simplify and unlocks improved efficiency, sustainability, and traceability of harvest as well as reducing food wastage and fraud.  Provide transparently and secured end-to-end commodity trading platform by placing transactions on a digital ledger to ensure price transparency. crop quality specification assurance and encrypted recording of relevant data.

We leverage real-time data analytics and automated process to correlate variables such as weather, temperature, digital agronomics, soil conditions to find patterns to improve crop quality, yield. Improve harvest accuracy and in detecting diseases and pests  to help growers with forecasting models, suggests fair pricing, transaction discovery, procurement and transportation tracking along with optimization

We are leveraging Cryptocurrency to help improve access to finance in emerging markets, significantly reduce high transaction fees and to speed up easy wallet-to-wallet payment plus international transfers. While affordable access to agribusiness finance and working capital remains a huge challenge for many growers in developing countries, we are exploring Cell Phones and USSD opportunities for micro-financing and payments

A trusted Supply Chain

Our customers' ship to top processors and industrial users such as